our story

Rose joined our family in 2012, being mobile allowed us to be located wherever we felt inspired to be. Due to her age (circa 1967) we keep our travels in the west. 

Being from Southern California we spent a lot of our days outdoors; playing in the sun, swimming in the ocean. We always had a cooler stocked with the goods. Being outdoors never kept us from making baguette hoagies loaded with California veggies or bringing homemade guac and chips to keep us going and happy. We feel food has always tasted that much better outdoors.

We love good food and the best food is always what’s in season, where you are. Food comes from the earth, cooking and eating outdoors keeps that connection close. Another major source of inspiration were our grandparents. They were farmers; gardeners, one grandpa a cabin builder, the other a carpenter. One of our grandmas was a flower breeder and the other a painter. Both were passionate cooks, who did much with little by cooking straight from the garden.

You’ve seen Rose ramblin’ at...

  • Downtown Farmers Market, Salt Lake City

  • Park Silly Market, Park City

  • Craft Lake City, Salt Lake City

  • Twilight Concert Series, Salt Lake City

  • Edible Wasatch Bike Treasure Hunt, Salt Lake City

  • Tour de Utah, Park City

  • Midsummer Mingle, Provo, Utah

  • Free People Escape Moab Unplugged, Moab, Utah

  • Pumpkin Farm & Apple Orchard at Sunrise Hill Farm, Kingston, WA

  • Penpont Textile, garden and Land Art Festival, Brecon, Wales