Warm Cast Iron Beer & Cheese Dip


How about some warm cast iron beer & cheese dip for these crisp autumn nights? We spent a magical evening cooking in the woods, underneath the stars in Big Cottonwood Canyon. One of the dishes we made was this lovely warm beer & cheese dip. the cheese dip was awesome with our cast iron flat bread and dutch oven potatoes!

Here’s the recipe..                                   

12 oz Uinta Hefeweizen beer

8 oz pack of cream cheese

16 oz of shredded Gruyère and Swiss cheese (you can use pepper jack and cheddar too)

Pour the room temperature beer into a hot cast iron and heat, then whisk in chunks of cream cheese until smooth. When cream cheese is melted whisk in the shredded cheese. 

Finish with Redmond Rea Salt and cracked pepper. Once you’ve made the cheese dip you can put the lid on and top with ashed over charcoals to blister the top of the cheese! When it’s really hot the cheese will be thinner but as it cools to serving temperature it will thicken.

Lovely photo by Evelyn Eslava

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