Squash Blossom Eggs with Sourdough Toast

You'll need..

A pat of butter, we love to use Kerrygold butter

Add a 2 double hands- full of squash blossoms, remove stamen inside of the flower by pinching it off

4 eggs if you don't have your own chickens or a neighbor with some, a great alternative is vital farms` they are pasture-raised chickens & their eggs are have gorgeous rich yolk 

As much chèvre as you like to crumble on top (soft goat cheese) 

A few basil leaves, torn 

A small bundle of chives, roughly chopped 

Real salt & fresh cracked black pepper 

How to.. 

Place a medium sized cast iron over medium-high heat 

Add large pat of butter, allow to melt 

Add squash blossoms, stir with wood spoon to coat in butter 

Cook for a minute, then separate blossoms making four wells/spaces for your eggs 

Crack your eggs & sprinkle with Real Salt & cracked black pepper 

Crumble/Sprinkle with chèvre 

When eggs are set to your liking, sprinkle with basil & chives

Serve with real toasted sourdough slathered with good grass-fed butter 


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